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Handan Loomworks

MYNDOS Wool Cushion Cover

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Handan Loomworks is a brand founded with the aim of bringing back handloom weaving, an ancient craft that has been forgotten, with modern and unique interpretations inspired by nature. Starting from the fact that we all try to beautify our living space, the priority of the brand, which produces decorative pillows and rugs in this area, is to offer its customers a new decorating experience that includes craftsmanship and design, breaking free from the uniform product concept of mass production, while causing as little damage to nature as possible. Embracing the principle of ethical production in the modern world, where the frequency of use of raw materials derived from petroleum and plastic in home textiles such as clothing is increasing, Handan Loomworks uses 100% wool for all its weavings and believes in the power of slow fashion without being part of the cycle of overuse, producing a limited number of each product with the aim of making your living space as special as possible.

Face: 100% wool  Back: Zippered cotton fabric.

Size: 45 * 45cm

The price is for the cushion cover only.

Care instructions: After gently washing without hand rubbing with a little apple cider vinegar and some softener in warm water and then drying by spreading. Chemical detergent and machine wash for natural materials craft.

We offer you great handmade and unique products. We aim to highlight the handiwork and make you memorable.