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Fabricca Design


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Fabricca Design is a design brand that produces handmade, unusual and personalised jewellery designs inspired by Africa. In the six countries where it currently exists, it offers a unique and colourful lifestyle for women who like to be bold and be the centre of attention, fulfilling their need to feel special and unique. In her portfolio of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, hair accessories and bags, the fabric is used as the primary material and complemented with gold plated and silver plated materials and natural stones. 

We recommend that you read the instructions below so that you can use your product for a long time.

- Treat the liquid spilled on the fabric without letting it dry.

- When you do not use your product, shop it in its special box.

- Do not spray chemicals such as perfume or deodorant on the product.

- When attaching/detaching the product, be careful not to pull on the metal tab

We offer you great handmade and unique products. We aim to highlight the handiwork and make you memorable.