Top 10 Suggestions for Christmas Gifts

The 10 Best Christmas Gifs

The Christmas season is approaching, and the first things that come to mind are decorations with flowers, beautiful ornaments, and UNIQUE gifts we share.
Are you tired of always giving the same gifts?
Do you want to give a truly unique gift this year?
Let's look at our Christmas options with uniquely designed and handmade products, each with its own story.

1. Ceramic and Porcelain Mugs

When you want to have a coffee or tea, our unique and original designed ceramic mugs might be a perfect alternative.

Hipunique  Ceramics


2. Handmade Jewelry

Unique handmade jewelry that is entirely personal and one of a kind will make its owner very happy.
Our designer jewelry at Hipunique shop consists of a combination of natural stones and silver and different patterned fabrics.

Hipunique Jewelry

handmade hipunique jewellery


3. Silk Scarves

100% silk, uniquely handmade by our designers, scarves with different patterns are another great alternative!

Hipunique Scarves



4. Presentation Boards

Originally designed cutting boards that will add elegance to your presentations are a different alternative as a gift. Hipunique special cutting and presentation boards FRED & GINGER are also a great alternative for your Christmas table.

 Hipunique Wood Presentation Boards

5. Wool Hats

Cute and fun wool hats will always make you unique with their designs.


Hipunique  Wool Hats

6. Cushion Covers

Those who want to make a difference in home decoration can combine pillowcases in different ways to achieve a completely different environment.

You can find our handmade pillow covers in different and unique models here.

Wool Handwoven Cushion Covers

7. Cotton Throws

Soft blankets, which we like to have at hand the most, especially during these times spent at home, are a great gift option.

Hipunique Throws


8. Enamel Sets

Enamel is a highly trendy material today. Its easy use makes enamel even more enjoyable.
Who would say no to a beautifully designed and handmade enamel glass set?

Hipunique Enamelware Options.


9. Beeswax Natural Candles

Would you like a candle that only emits a good smell in your home, cleans your home  and does not contain any chemicals?

Beeswax candles in different sizes will emit a wonderful scent while cleaning your home.

Hipunique Beeswax Candles

Hipunique Beeswax Candles.


10. Peshtemals

Peshtemals (the traditional towels of the orient with their soft touch and accessible dry material are here to accompany you in your daily life ), preferred instead of towels and used in summer and winter, are an excellent option with different options, colours and patterns.

Hipunique Peshtemals Options





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