Ceramic, whose raw material is clay, is the general name for all kinds of articles shaped by hand, mould or lathe and baked.
Ceramics is one of the most ancient products used for thousands of years. The oldest known ceramic product was discovered in 28.000 BC during the late Paleolithic period. The use of ceramics increased rapidly in the Neolithic Age with the transition to settled life by agriculture.


In the middle of the 19th century, those who worked with handicrafts were struggling with the innovations that came with the impact of the Industrial Revolution in the Western world. During this period, mechanization proliferated. Ceramics started to leave their place in porcelain products. There was also a group that believed mass-produced goods consume artistic standards and reduce the quality of life for individuals. This group has played a significant role in the spread and continuity of handicrafts, reaching today.

If we look at the design trends that emerged in 2021, we can list the main items below.

  • Giving more importance to nature.
  • The products used are inspired by nature.
  • Being organic and harmless to human health.
  • Details created with hand skill
  • Sustainability
  • Return to simple forms and modernism

Ceramic products are standard in home decorations, accessories and object selections (vase, glass, mug, plate, flowerpot). This is because besides being adaptable to every style, personalized productions gain popularity. It helps people feel valuable to use a product specially prepared for them.

Ceramic products in table decoration and kitchen utensils will continue to play a leading role this year. Significantly due to the increase of time we spend in our homes, the importance of the tables where we are together with our family has increased. For this reason, we will not harm our health while our dining tables and coffee pleasures are getting better with beautiful ceramic products.


You can choose white, soft blue, soft pink, black-white patterned, orange or yellow which reflects you more and add style to your life. One of them will definitely suit you.



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