Decorative Pillows

Decorative Pillows

After a while, we all get bored in the living spaces we have decorated with care.
Redecorating is quite difficult economically. Cushions are the most beautiful material that saves us in such situations.
If you want to create different effects, you can create variety in the fabrics of your cushion covers. You can choose the fabric of your pillowcases as completely hand-woven wool, or you can choose satin silk or cotton fabrics.

Wool Pillow

When pillowcases are chosen correctly, they have as much of an impact on our living space as the effect of the painting we hang on our wall.
The geometric patterns, colours and sizes used in pillows create quite a magical effect.
The colour selection is very important for pillows in a modern living area.
The colours and patterns on the pillows can create a balance by combining the colour of the sofa and the carpet, which you think are completely incompatible.

Your pillows, which you often use in different colours and sizes in your living area, will add dynamism to the room, while even a specially patterned throw pillow that you use on a single seat will create a sense of artwork.

When choosing pillows, consider the size of the seat and the room.
For a dynamic image, we should use pillows of the same size in different shapes or different sizes together.

Cushions used symmetrically give a classic look to the environment, while asymmetry always makes a difference to the environment.
The pillows used together must contain at least two of the colours of the room. Remember that pillows are a connecting element that balances the environment and integrates all products. As you can see, pillows have a great impact on the decoration.
If we want a small and effective change in the room, we must first start with the pillows!

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